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Does Mohave High School have a dress code?

In order to limit distraction and facilitate a business-like atmosphere, we have adopted a modified uniform of approved school shirts. The board-approved shirts are polo or tee shirts, long or short-sleeved, which can be worn with a crew neck, hooded, or zippered sweatshirt in cold weather. The approved colors are green, black, or white, and they must bear the Mohave High School logo. On special/activity days, students will be able to dress for their clubs, organizations, or interscholastic activities such as spirit week or game days with the approval of the principal.

We do not permit the following:

  • Altered school polo or tee shirts.
  • Shorter than six-inch inseams.
  • Pants more than two inches from waist (no excessively baggy clothing or sags).
  • Skirts or dresses with less than a six-inch "inseam" (no more than six inches above top of kneecap).
  • Bandannas ("rags") or any other item, accessory, or hairstyle representative of gang identification. (We will turn over any gang related items to the school resource officer).
    Visible undergarments.
  • Clothes bearing phrases or slogans that are sexually suggestive, promote or suggest the use of drugs or alcohol, or contain vulgar language or ethnic slurs, or any logos or words other than those approved by governing board policy.
  • Students may not wear sunglasses, head coverings, or visors in the buildings.
  • Overalls