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What are the eligibility requirements for my son/daughter to participate in A.I.A. sponsored activities?

AIA Eligibility rules:

  • 15.1.1 All participants in interscholastic activities must be in compliance with all student eligibility rules. The student eligibility rules are enumerated and presented in detail in Article 15 of the AIA Bylaws.
  • 15.3.1 Only students enrolled at a member school in grades 9 through 12, inclusive, shall be eligible for interscholastic competition team practices and tryouts.
  • Academic Rule 15.4.1 A student must be enrolled in a minimum of five courses the first six semesters of high school and a minimum as determined by the district during the seventh and eighth semesters. The configuration and method of course delivery shall be as determined by the member school
  • 15.5 Domicile Rule 
    • 15.5.1 Domicile Requirements - Except as otherwise stated in Article 15, a student, whether an adult or not, is privileged with eligibility for interscholastic competition only at the school in the district in which his/her parents are domiciled. In multi-school districts, the student is eligible only at the school in the attendance zone in which his/her parents are domiciled.
    • Exception: A school district governing board may declare all or certain high schools within its district as open schools. A student enrolling for the first time in any open school in the district shall have met the domicile requirements to be able to participate in interscholastic competition.
  • Domicile - Except as otherwise stated in Article 15, a domicile is a place where a person has his/her true, fixed and permanent home, and to which, whenever absent, he or she has the intention of returning. A student shall have only one domicile for the purposes of these eligibility rules.
  • Change of Domicile – This is dependent upon the facts in each case, but, as a minimum, to be considered a change of domicile under these rules, the following facts must exist:
    • The original domicile must be or is in the process of being abandoned; that is sold, rented, or otherwise disposed of, and must not be used as a residence by either parent or any child in the 12th grade or younger, and
    • Take with them the household goods and furnishings appropriate to the circumstances.
    • Regardless of any other bylaw, it shall not be considered a change of domicile unless there has also been a corresponding change of attendance zone.