Weekly Bulletin





Visit TreeRing.com and enter our school passcode 1014688881824215 to purchase your yearbook. Or visit the office and/or see Ms Hamilton to pick up a flyer.

Any student who drives and parks on campus needs a parking pass, please see Ms Murdock in the Bookstore to get one, thank you.

Students interested in the art focused trip to Japan for Spring break of 2021 should go see Mr Cook in C-110 for more information

Do you have extra shoes? Would you like to help those in need? Then help the MHS Fine Arts program by bringing in your lightly used or new shoes. For every pair of shoes that you bring, you will help someone in the world who needs shoes. Also, you will be helping our Music program raise some money! Please bring your shoes to M-102 OR M-101…...





Students – remember that the T-Wing is closed during lunch.  No students should be in T-Wing unless you have a pass from a teacher or are in a teacher’s room for a meeting.  No students in the hallways.

Students - if you drive you can ONLY park in the South and North lots NOT the East parking lot.  This lot (the one in front of the school nearest to Hwy 95) is for staff and visitors ONLY!  Students also need to obtain a parking pass to park on campus.  Please see Ms Murdock in the bookstore.

Seniors – please remember that most of you have Class Fees in the Bookstore.  It is time to start paying them off.  You can pay a little at a time, they don’t have to be paid all at once but they do have to be paid before the end of the school year.